About Bree

First things first. 
Maquillage = Makeup (in French)
Brianna and Julien Kamga at their store's ribbon butting in sandy utah (salt Lake city) bree maquillage opened march 2, 2019

Started by Brianna and Julien Kamga, Bree Maquillage is a unique shopping experience. We not only want to provide great products - we want to make shopping fun again! We created a boutique that is equipped with everything a customer could need to create that perfect post for all their social media platforms. We also believe every gender, age, and size should be celebrated! Every human is beautiful!  

Cloud photo wall with Tremayne in rainbow makeup

Our Mission

Empowering every human to feel as beautiful as we know they are inside & out.

We Believe In...

Individuality - we accept & love everyone just as they are

Inclusivity - we know that makeup has no rules. makeup has no gender. makeup has no race. makeup has no boundaries.

Teamwork - we actually care about YOU! You aren’t just a number. We want your success and we have your back

Artistry - we want to inspire everyone to unleash their creativity

We Are Not Your Typical Boutique

By making our boutique a destination instead of just a place to buy items we can entice customers to actually  come into the store so they can experience it and share it with their friends online.

We Have The Worlds Only Customizable Glitter Bar

Bree Maquillage is the only place you can come in to make your own personal glitter. We have a selection of over 40 cosmetic grade sparkling colors and textures to choose from. You get to pick as many colors as you want and we mix it up right there for you. Adding that special spark of being able to create your own shade makes customers feel individualized and unique.

 We Have Interactive Photo Walls

We encourage customers to come in and take pictures to share on their social media. Free marketing, anyone?

Magnetic Lashes sold by Bree Maquillage

We Sell Great Cosmetic Products!

We don’t just want our store to be cute. We want our products to be great enough to keep them coming back!

 the owners of the shop bree maquillage in sandy or salt lake city utah

The family behind the Glam! Shop well knowing you are supporting a small, female owned, black owned, local business!